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Fashion design education is based on an understanding that aims to contribute to the prosperity of the society by designing the products produced by the industry with the sensitivity and socio-consciousness of the artifacts that bridge the design between fine arts and industry. Within the design education, different arts and design fields are blended in an interdisciplinary environment. Thus, we aim to cultivate high-tech fashion designers who have the potential to be effective and successful in today's business world, where the distinctive lines between these different art and design areas are increasingly eroding.

The Department of Fashion Design aims to cultivate the human profile that Turkish Textile and Fashion Industry needs in international scale. In this direction, fashion designers who carry out the design process from design idea to market and trend research, creative product solutions, contemporary mold and sewing techniques and presentation styles; Aims to provide fashion enterprises with these ideas and products, bringing the right identities and brands to appropriate consumers and markets, developing marketing and management strategies and also carrying out this process of finance, distribution, marketing, sales and communication.