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The European Qualification Framework (EQF) is an associate degree program aimed at gaining the fifth (5th) level academic and professional qualifications according to the Reference Level.

Purpose of the Program

Today's business world is in a period of rapid change and development and it has become a situation where new business theories are produced and applied. Within this structure, the secretariat has become a systematic structure that fulfills the task assigned to it in the organization, not a profession that has done limited and coincidentally gained.

In the light of these developments, duty and responsibility, the concept of secretarial, the concept of executive assistant. The profession is at different stages from daily and simple office and secretarial services to office assistant and executive assistant, which helps to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the managers. As a result of these features, Executive Assistant is attracting interest as a profession supported by successful managers.

The aim of the program in this sense; (F keyboard), which is equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the rapidly changing and developing business world, with at least one foreign language, computer use specialist, professional managerial principles and methods to use professionally, professional writing foundation, good human relations, high-level office which is capable of writing all kinds of bureau technology, has modern protocol information, is effective in communicating the bureaucrats and administrators, making correspondences, organizing meetings and organizing meetings, opening up for innovations, open to bureaucracy, staff, office managers and executive assistants and secretaries.

Mission of the Program

It is to educate innovative Executive Assistants who will contribute to the development of the society contemporary, scientific thinkable. In order to realize this mission, the needs of the rapidly changing and developing business world, communication and world integration, keeping the program up to date and trying to raise it to international standards.

Vision of the Program

Office Management and Executive Assistance will become a more functional program in the future in our country, in all developed countries and all over the world, with increasing need and importance.

In the future, organizations will need more of their knowledge and talent in many areas today. The Office Management and Executive Assistance Program aims to educate and possess skilled professionals with the knowledge and skills required by these field organizations and to introduce professional secretarial and administrative assistant professions beyond the concept of classical secretariat to new forms and to be a contemporary profession of the future.

Office Services and Executive Assistance are for managers who will use their time effectively and reduce their duties and responsibilities; it is predicted that it will come to a more important dimension in the coming years and as a result, an increase in employment will be seen.

The manager's office is the core of the organization's management pyramid and is the hub of communication, and this will continue in the future. There is no doubt that secretaries will also play an important role in this important center. It is aimed to ensure that future secretaries and / or executive assistants are the indispensable elements that ensure good functioning of the executive offices, regulate communication, organize the manager's time, and ensure that secretaries are truly supportive to their managers.

On the other hand, in the fast-growing business life of the future, the senior managers of the organizations will need; organizes in-organization and out-of-organization communication, control the documentation (flow of documents), speaks foreign language, business administration, economics, accounting, management and basic knowledge of law, has the professional knowledge and skills of secretarial, has the ability to speak, social and organizational people who know the etiquette, cultured "Executive Assistants" is aimed to cultivate.

Office Services and Executive Assistantship, for managers who will use their time effectively and minimize their duties and responsibilities; It is estimated that in the coming years there will be a more important dimension and accordingly an increase in employment.

Equipment and Facilities of the Program

For the purposes of the program, education and training are carried out in modern computer and office machines laboratories / workshops. Apart from class hours, "open door policy" is applied in department management and teaching staff, teaching staff and student associations are not limited to class hours.

In addition to all modern office machines, students also learn about the use of ten finger keyboard in computer labs and work to gain enough speed and practice. They can use Windows-based programs (such as word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs). In the program, professional correspondence (formal writings / business writing) principles are taught and students are encouraged to develop their skills in this subject. Office automation programs which are important for program students in computer related subjects are included in the course.

Office Management and Executive Assistantship Program students are encouraged to use computers and office machines as part of the courses. Thus, it is aimed that the student starts his / her business life with the experience of using computer, office machines and office automation programs.

Research Interests  

30 days of internship is obligatory for program students to get to know their work life closely. Students learn the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired during the course of their studies through the internship in the business environment and have the opportunity to further develop and familiarize themselves with the business environment. Thus, students have the opportunity to practice and exhibit their knowledge and skills while learning the business world on the one hand.

Executive secretaries in the private sector and public institutions, graduated from the Office Management and Executive Assistance Program; various enterprises and public and private sector administrations; municipalities, associations, chambers, bar associations. Also; are the elements that can best serve the executive secretariat role which is the basic requirement of law, medicine, engineering and architecture branches.

Graduates of this program receive the title of Office Manager and Executive Assistant Profession Personnel. This title is technically equivalent.