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Purpose of Program 
The aim of the program is to educate technicians who know basic computer functions, experience on computer electronics, hardware and low-level programming, use computer operating system, file management and editing programs, and general-purpose package programs, design active web pages, informed about database programming languages, know at least one of the current programming languages, use at least one of the computer aided design programs. 

Program Mission 
To train computer technicians who are scientific and creative thinking, successful and will be beneficial to his country. To accomplish this mission, the needs of the rapidly changing and evolving computer programs constantly keep in mind is to try and upgrade to international standards. 

Program Vision 
Computer systems in the business world and its importance in our daily lives increases with each passing day, our country and the entire world of computer programming techniques and the importance of strengthening the position between programs is increasing rapidly.

Muscle strength day by day, has lost its importance, everything clicks in very short time and much more in a handy format maintained that today's technology in the world of computer technicians need to state institutions, the private sector needs is increasing.

Technological development and change in our country and in our world considering the acceleration of job opportunities in the future of computer programming and other technical programs will be extremely large compared to the front is undisputed that is much more open.