About Us

Erbaa Vocational School in the field of existing programs in the field of pre-graduate Erbaa, around the country and in the country needed to train professionals in the fields and opens new programs according to the developing conditions of the country. It helps to improve the sociocultural structure of Erbaa and its environment with its educational and social activities.

Erbaa Vocational School, which is the leader of the region both in terms of both teaching staff and student quality, is continuing its education with the aim of leading the developments that will open the horizon of the people, taking the first places in the preferences of our students and ensuring that our graduates are wanted by the workplaces.

Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University, Erbaa Vocational School started teaching in 1995-1996 Academic Year.

It is still teaching in

  1. Computer Programming,
  2. Office Management and Manager Assistant,
  3. Banking and Insurance,
  4. Printing and Publishing Technologies,
  5. Accounting and Tax Applications,
  6. Private Security and Guarding,
  7. Public Relations and Publicity,
  8. Graphic Design,
  9. Fashion Design,
  10. Business Management


In 2018-2019 academic year; There are 3 Dr. Lecturer, 1 Dr. totally 28 academic staff and 14 administrative staff.

The total number of students coming from different geographies of the country is 1406.

Erbaa Vocational School of Higher Education continues its education with other department  in a building with 14100 m2 closed area. There are a conference hall for 270 people, 2 amphitheas for 90 people, 4 computer labs, Fashion Design Workshop, Graphic Design Workshop, Printing and Broadcasting Technologies Programs.

The Erbaa district has adequate facilities in terms of areas where our students can practice and meet their social and cultural needs.Erbaa Vocational School does not have a lack of physical facilities and application areas required by education

In order to maximize the academic and social needs of our students, the current management, academic and administrative staff are working with utmost effort and all kinds of social, cultural and sportive activities that contribute to the development of our students are assisted and necessary support is provided.